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PersonalInjuryLaw.Guru Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Personal Injury "Verified Guru”? 

When you do a Google search for “personal injury lawyer” you really have no verification that the attorneys you find meet any minimum qualification or that they have enough experience to take your case. That’s where PersonalInjuryLaw.Guru steps in and delivers a directory of personal injury attorneys whose practice is primarily focused on personal injury law.

How Does an Attorney Become a "Verified Guru"?

Any attorney who practices personal injury law can sign up to be apart of our directory. However, we will only apply a “Verified Guru” badge to those lawyers who meet the following criteria: 

  • An attorney must have been practicing for at least 10 years.
  • 50% or more of an attorney's practice is dedicated to personal injury, medical malpractice or Workers' Compensation (and/or other injury related practices).
  • The attorney is a member in good standing with their respective State Bar Association.

If you are an attorney who has a profile on PersonalInjuryLaw.guru and you're currently logged into the website, you can go here for more information and to apply to become a "Verified Guru".

Can an Attorney Pay to Become a "Verified Guru"?

No. An attorney can sign up or claim their profile on our website for free, and request to have the “Verified Guru” badge applied to their profile even if they aren’t a paid member. Similarly, if an attorney is a paid member of our directory, meets our qualifications yet has only been practicing law for 3 years (for example), their request to be a “Verified Guru” would be denied.

How do you Know that an Attorney’s Practice is Dedicated to Personal Injury Law?

Our team verifies an attorney by examining their website, biography, other legal directories and resources online to ensure the integrity of PersonalInjuryLaw.guru. A “Verified Guru” cannot be a Jack-of-all-trades when it comes to the law. We want only the best and most dedicated personal injury lawyers to be displayed as "Verified Gurus."

Why Does It Matter if an Attorney’s Practice is Dedicated to Personal Injury?

Personal injury is a very specialized form of civil law, yet most State Bar Associations don’t offer a form of official certificate of specialization like many other areas of law. Our directory aims to help bridge the gap by providing verification that consumers are seeing a pool of attorneys who meet a minimum qualification. We feel that 10 years of being licensed, dedicating a minimum of 50% of their practice to personal injury law, and in good standing with their respective State Bar is sufficient experience to award an attorney the “Verified Guru” badge. 

Do your Due Diligence

Choosing an injury lawyer is a very personal choice, and your choice should not be made based on the information solely provided by this website. You should interview and research a prospective attorney before making a decision to hire any lawyer.


Nothing on this website should be construed as legal advice, nor is an attorney-client relationship established by communicating with a lawyer listed on this website. An attorney’s past results, claims on their individual profile or elsewhere on this website is not a guarantee of performance or satisfaction. Neither PersonalInjuryLaw.guru, nor Everest Legal Marketing, LLC is responsible for claims, promises and representations made by lawyers listed on this website or any linked website.