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PersonalInjuryLaw.Guru is a directory of personal injury lawyers who dedicate most, if not all, of their practice to personal injury law. We have nearly 30,000 injury attorneys listed in all 50 states, and our "Verified Gurus" have met the following criteria:

  1. 10+ years in practice;
  2. 50% or more of their practice dedicated to personal injury, workers' compensation or medical malpractice law;
  3. Validation of State Bar license.                          

This helps you narrow your search to finding attorneys who've dedicated their careers to clients who've been injured, and their families who've had to endure the hardships associated with an accident. Our goal is to help you find the best injury lawyer near you, that meets your qualifications. Our listed injury attorneys advocate & seek maximum compensation for people injured in car, truck & motorcycle accidents, bike accidents, pedestrian accidents, dog bites and more complex cases like medical malpractice, wrongful death, insurance bad faith and listed lawyers work on contingency. This means you pay NOTHING until the successful conclusion of your matter - whether through verdict, settlement or arbitration.

Don't hire just ANY injury attorney, hire a Guru!™

Search our personal injury lawyer directory now if you or a family member needs the help of an injury attorney. You will also find listed attorneys who meet our Personal Injury Law Guru guidelines as a Verified Guru™. You can trust that all lawyers listed on our website practice personal injury law, and that the entire pool of Verified Gurus at PersonalInjuryLaw.Guru have been manually reviewed by our administration team to ensure their level of experience and that the primary focus of their practice is on personal injury law (including medical malpractice and/or workers' compensation). If you find an Verified Guru on our website who does not fit this criteria, please let us know.

personal injury lawyer directoryBenefit of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

A highly referenced study conducted by the Insurance Research Council suggests that people who were injured in a motor vehicle accident due to driver, manufacturer and/or government negligence win 3.5X more in settlement compensation when they’re represented by an attorney, than injury victims who chose not to retain a personal injury lawyer. While that’s no guarantee, chances are generally better that you’ll be more successful with an experienced injury lawyer than without. You’ll benefit from expert legal advice from a lawyer who handles personal injury cases for a living. 

There Are No Up-Front Expenses or Fees

Generally, personal injury lawyers operate on a "contingency basis" - which means that they are paid based on the compensation you receive from your case; if there is no recovery from your case generally you'll owe the attorney nothing. Each state Bar association has rules regarding how much a law firm can charge in contingency fees, but a general rule of thumb is 33.3%. Click to read read more about how contingency fees work, and how much is charged. Attorneys represented on the PersonalInjuryLawyer.guru personal injury lawyer directory offer a contingency fee arrangement, but you'll want to make sure to address the specifics of this with them directly during your consultation.

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How Important are Witnesses in a Personal Injury Case?

Depending on the facts and legal issues, witnesses could be critical to the outcome of your personal injury case. Usually, the more credible witnesses you have, the stronger your case. That can mean a higher settlement amount, an insurance company more eager to settle, and less likely to push a case to trial.If you or a loved one are injured due to another party, Aaron Hicks at the Hicks Law Firm will assist you in any way we can. Our firm serves clients with personal injury claims throughout Orange County and Southern California. Call us at 949-541-9944 or complete our online contact form so we may discuss your case.What Kinds of Witnesses May Be Involved in a Personal Injury Case?Witnesses can go far beyond stating they saw the defendant’s car strike yours...

Posted by Aaron Hicks on 12/04/2023

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Types of Catastrophic Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

Each year, roughly five million car accidents occur in the United States. Roughly 1.6 million of those accidents will result in serious injury. While some walk away with mere scratches, others are not as fortunate, sustaining catastrophic injuries that alter lives in an instant. A catastrophic injury has severe consequences, often leading to permanent disability, long-term medical conditions, or even death. Understanding these injuries is crucial, not just for those affected but for the families that must now care for them and help them move forward into a new future.Head and Brain InjuriesThe repercussions of head and brain injuries from car accidents extend far beyond the immediate aftermath of the incident. For survivors of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs),...

Posted by Brian Shapiro on 11/27/2023

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Suing After a Car Fire in New Jersey

Although there are many things that can go wrong when you get behind the wheel of a car in New Jersey, a fire is perhaps one of the most nightmarish scenarios imaginable. Many drivers have lost their lives or suffered serious burns after being trapped inside their vehicles while flames erupt around them. In many cases, drivers fall unconscious after impacts, leaving them unable to escape the blaze until it is too late. New technology seems to be making these fires exceedingly common throughout New Jersey. But is it really possible to pursue compensation after a car fire in New Jersey? Let’s find out: Families of Deceased Firefighters Claim that Defective Vehicle Caused Deaths On October 7, 2023, it was reported that the families of two firefighters...

Posted by Gabriel R. Lependorf on 11/11/2023

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What if I am in an Auto Accident With a Driver Who Does Not Have Insurance?

Insurance provides a safety net for countless injured motorists in California who suffer injuries and property damage each year, but what happens when it is not available? What happens when you get into an accident with a driver who does not even have insurance? Unfortunately, this situation is all too common among California motorists. However, the situation may still be salvageable, and a personal injury attorney can help you assess your legal options.  Options for Victims after Collisions With Uninsured Drivers There may be several options available to you depending on the circumstances of the accident. The first and most obvious option is to simply file a claim with your own insurance provider. Even if the other driver did not have insurance,...

Posted by Miracle Law, APC on 11/06/2023

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