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Article Content Guidelines & Policy

We invite members of our directory to submit content in the form of blogs, articles and case summaries to be published on PersonalInjuryLaw.guru. Here are our guidelines for content submission and publishing.

  • In order to have a blog, case summary or other content considered for publishing, it must be submitted from a "Premium" level account. This is a feature only available to upgraded members. Here's our Membership page.
  • Submitted blogs must be at least 800 words in length, (generally the longer the better), and be specific to personal injury law.
  • Submitted blogs may not be solely promotional, and must address a legitimate topic relevant to personal injury law.
  • Submitted blogs may only link to one attorney and/or law firm website. Additionally, content must not have an unnatural amount of outbound links. We recommend linking to one or two credible sources if desired.
  • Promotional Content: Content that is identified as purely/primarily promotional or advertising in nature will be deleted. For example, if you’re thinking about writing an article titled “The Best Personal Injury Lawyer in [insert your city here]” or similar, do not waste your time.
  • If we identify submitted content as spam, or that the content contains outbound links to spam websites like: link farms, gambling, pornography, drugs, illegal websites, malware or other websites that have the appearance of spam we reserve the right to alter or delete the content.
  • Do not submit duplicate or “spun” content, since this may adversely affect our website.
  • Hate speech, libel, slander, racism or cyber-bullying is not tolerated and any content submitted or comments on PersonalInjuryLaw.guru is subject to review and may result in deletion along with deletion of the author account associated with the content and/or comment without refund under any membership level.
  • Attorney accepts responsibility for the use of any submitted image, video, or other potentially copyrighted material.

Upon submission, the content becomes the property of PersonalInjuryLaw.guru and may not be reproduced elsewhere. As such, we may modify, delete, distribute or promote the content at our discretion without notice to the original Author.