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Suing After a Car Fire in New Jersey

Suing After a Car Fire in New Jersey

Although there are many things that can go wrong when you get behind the wheel of a car in New Jersey, a fire is perhaps one of the most nightmarish scenarios imaginable. Many drivers have lost their lives or suffered serious burns after being trapped inside their vehicles while flames erupt around them. In many cases, drivers fall unconscious after impacts, leaving them unable to escape the blaze until it is too late. New technology seems to be making these fires exceedingly common throughout New Jersey. But is it really possible to pursue compensation after a car fire in New Jersey? Let’s find out:


Families of Deceased Firefighters Claim that Defective Vehicle Caused Deaths


On October 7, 2023, it was reported that the families of two firefighters in New Jersey were suing an Italian shipping company, alleging that it was to blame for the deaths of their loved ones. These family members are also suing the City of Newark and two stevedore companies associated with the tragic fire that claimed the lives of these firefighters. 


The lawsuit revolves around a fire on the Grande d’Avoria – a ship that was at Port Newark when it erupted into flames. The ship was reportedly filled with vehicles, and the fire was apparently started by a faulty Jeep Wrangler. Crews on the ship were using this vehicle to push cargo onto the ship, and the vehicle allegedly started emitting smoke from its engine hours before the blaze began. Despite this serious threat, it seems as though the crew continued to use the Jeep. 


The response to the fire has been heavily scrutinized. Apparently, the shipping company made a few mistakes in addressing the fire. One area of particular criticism involves the opening of a door during the fire, which allegedly fueled the blaze with a near-endless supply of oxygen. The crew is also accused of incorrectly using a CO2-based fire suppression system, which apparently was not the best choice. Despite the claims of the lawsuit, it is worth pointing out that the root cause of the fire has not yet been determined. The Coast Guard is conducting an investigation into the incident. 


Tesla Model 3 Randomly Catches Fire in Newark


The Italian shipping company mentioned above was quick to point out that no electric vehicles were aboard the ship when it caught fire. Why did they go to such lengths to point this out? Probably because of the worrying number of EVs that seem to catch fire for no apparent reason. Such was the case in September of 2023, when a 2022 Tesla Model 3 caught fire in Newark, eventually burning itself to ashes. The vehicle had apparently struck a heavy object on the road before coming to a stop. The driver then exited the vehicle and watched as the battery pack erupted in flames. 


As is often the case with electric vehicles, firefighters struggled to extinguish the flames. Unlike normal fires, these EV fires seem to be fueled by highly flammable materials within the battery packs – making them incredibly persistent and resistant to traditional firefighting technology. There is reason to suggest that the battery back ignited after being struck by debris – a problem that has arisen previously with other Tesla models. 


Another Tesla Erupts into Flames


On October 6, another Tesla burst into flames while sitting at a salvage yard in Hillsborough. The car was parked when it ignited, and firefighters are not exactly sure what caused the blaze. Needless to say, it is somewhat alarming when even abandoned, parked vehicles have the potential to spontaneously combust in this manner. While there are plenty of hazards associated with traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, one can remove the fire risk by simply emptying the tank of fuel. 


In contrast, the battery pack of an EV cannot be “removed” in the same manner. One has to wonder whether these vulnerabilities and hazards will lead to serious changes to EV technology. After all, these are very new vehicles – and it may eventually become clear that they are unsafe in their current form. 


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