Top 4 Car Accident Injuries That Require Immediate Medical Care

Top 4 Car Accident Injuries That Require Immediate Medical Care

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Top 4 Car Accident Injuries That Require Immediate Medical Care

Car accidents are among the top causes of injury in New York and throughout the US, but you might be surprised at the extent of the problem when you look at the local breakdown. According to New York State Department of Health statistics for New York County:

  • Auto crash-related injuries rank sixth as a reason for hospitalization, with about 53 residents being admitted every month.
  • Motor vehicle accident injuries also rank sixth as a reason individuals seek care in the emergency room, at 403 county residents per month.

In many of these scenarios, injured victims did not have a choice regarding treatment: They were rushed for care at a facility by emergency medical technicians who made the decision. However, many others were forced to choose through their own judgment. You may also find yourself in such a position, wondering whether you should seek treatment when you are not sure about the nature of your injuries. This guide to the top auto collision injuries that require immediate medical care should be helpful to getting you on the road to recovery right away. Plus, your actions after the incident affect your rights, for reasons a New York car accident attorney can explain in detail.

Seek Immediate Care for Serious Auto Crash Injuries: Many types of bodily harm require prompt treatment, but it is just as important to know where to go for care. Healthgrades, an online source for information about doctors and hospitals, provides a description on when to go to the ER or urgent care:

  • Emergency Room: When your injuries are life-threatening, you cannot breathe, you lost consciousness, or in other extreme situations, head to the closest emergency department. You may not receive critical care on a timely basis with other options.
  • Urgent Care: For injuries that are serious enough to require same-day medical attention, visit an urgent care center. You may have a slight wait, but physicians at these facilities are prepared to handle pressing health concerns.

From this description, you should opt for either the ED or urgent for:

1. Concussion and Head Injuries: Trauma to the head can lead to severe bleeding and swelling of the brain, which may have been tossed about and struck the skull from the violent impact of a crash. Some head injuries bring on symptoms that demand quick medical attention, such as vomiting, seizures, headaches, memory loss, and slurred speech.

2. Severe Burns: These injuries can be agonizing, so get immediate care for purposes of pain management. You should also seek medical care if the burns affect the ears, extremities, eyes, or major joints.

3. Potentially Disabling Injuries: Certain trauma could affect major bodily systems, functions, or senses, leaving you disabled by definition. Go for immediate medical care if you sustained injuries to:’

  • Hands, arms, feet, or legs;
  • Hips or shoulders;
  • Your back or neck, which could indicate more severe spinal cord injuries; or,
  • Eyes or ears.

4. Lacerations: Severe cuts and puncture wounds can lead to excessive bleeding, so you will need medical care to stop blood loss; they can also cause nerve damage, possibly requiring surgery. Physicians can better restore appearance, preserve function, and prevent infection when you act quickly.

Why Seeking Proper Care is Important: The obvious reason for getting treatment is to get started on the recovery process as quickly as possible. Whether you head to the ER or an urgent care center, you will receive a diagnosis, immediate treatment, and instructions for at-home care and follow-up. You should make an appointment with your primary care physician for additional consultation, especially if you need a referral to a specialist.

However, you will also realize the importance of seeking prompt medical care when it comes time to pursuing your legal remedies. In most cases, you will be filing a claim with the responsible driver’s insurer, which will dig deep into your medical records in an attempt to find reasons to deny your claim. As you might expect, delays in getting treatment to tell a story: That your injuries were not severe enough to warrant immediate care.

Waiting to see a doctor could also trigger New York’s law on contributory negligence, which focuses on your own actions. If you were not diligent in seeking medical care, it may raise allegations that you contributed to your own injuries by refusing treatment.

Consult with a New York Car Accident Lawyer After Seeking Treatment

Once your health is stabilized and your recovery is underway, make it a priority to reach out to a skilled motor vehicle crash attorney to learn more about your legal options. Our team at The Mandel Law Firm is happy to assist with filing an insurance claim, and we are also prepared to advocate on your behalf in court if necessary to get the compensation you deserve. Please call our Manhattan office at (646) 770-3868 or visit us online to set up a no-cost consultation right away.

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