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Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys Can Increase Your Chance of Recovery

Posted By Justin King
Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys Can Increase Your Chance of Recovery

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that large truck accidents are a major concern in the United States. According to the agency, in 2019, there were over 162,000 traffic accidents involving large commercial trucks, including close to 13,000 collisions in the State of California alone. Large commercial truck accidents are responsible for the fatal and non-fatal injuries of thousands of people each year. 

When compared to other types of traffic accidents, truck accidents do not happen as frequently, but when they do occur, they tend to lead to catastrophic injuries to those in smaller vehicles. The severity of these injuries can lead to a lifetime of anguish and despair for a victim and his or her family. 

Financial Compensation May Be Available Following a Truck Accident

All large commercial vehicle accidents can be life-changing. In just a few seconds, the truck accident can lead to physical and emotional trauma that can affect a person in a variety of ways. Fortunately, financial compensation may be available after an accident. If you or someone you love has been injured in a commercial truck accident, consider discussing your case with a skilled truck accident attorney. An experienced attorney can help you obtain the financial compensation you are entitled to. 

Attorney Justin H. King has dedicated his career to representing victims of negligence. When a party causes an accident that results in the injury of another, that party may be held accountable for his or her reckless actions. After a devastating truck accident has resulted in another’s injuries, Attorney King makes every effort to ensure the at-fault party is held liable for the victim’s injuries and losses. Consider contacting Attorney Justin H. King for a complimentary consultation and discover how you can secure the compensation you are owed. 

Establishing Fault After a Big Rig Accident in California

Like all other traffic accidents, liability for a truck accident is based on negligence. The State of California defines negligence as an action or failure to act when a defendant owes a duty of care to the plaintiff. In a truck accident, the truck driver could be held responsible if he or she failed to use the care that another reasonable truck driver would, given similar conditions. 

To establish liability in a truck accident, all four elements of negligence must be established, which include:

  • The defendant owed the victim a legal duty of care
  • The defendant violated his or her legal duty of care; 
  • The violation led to the accident; and
  • The plaintiff sustained injuries and other losses as a result of the accident.

Third-Party Liability in a Truck Accident

Every commercial truck accident case will be different. Although most accidents involve truck driver liability, other cases involve third-party liability claims. The following parties could face legal accountability for their contributions to the accident:

1. Trucking Companies

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides strict instructions for truck companies. All truck companies must perform background checks on their employees, restrict their drivers’ hours of operation, and ensure all trucks are working properly. When a trucking company has violated any of the rules and regulations established by state and federal agencies, the company can be held accountable for the resulting injuries. 

2. Vehicle Manufacturing Companies and Mechanics

Large commercial trucks that have defective auto body parts or have been otherwise designed with flaws, could cause serious traffic accidents. Vehicle manufacturing companies or mechanics could be held partially or fully accountable for an accident that results in another’s injuries. Depending on the type of defect, it may also be possible to hold the truck’s designer or distributor accountable for the victim’s injuries and losses. 

3. Loading Companies

Trucks that have been improperly loaded can cause brake problems, burst tires, or other safety issues. When a loading company has failed to adequately secure or weigh a load and this results in an accident, the loading company can face liability for the victim’s financial losses. 

4. Truck Owners

Based on the Code of Federal Regulations §396, commercial trucks must be regularly inspected, maintained, and repaired when necessary. Truck owners can be held responsible for an accident when they fail to ensure their trucks are in good working conditions. 

5. Government Agencies

Depending on the facts of the case, the government’s negligence could give rise to a personal injury claim. For instance, if a truck was owned or operated by a government agency, the agency could face responsibility for the damages caused. Furthermore, government agencies can also face accountability when the accident was caused by a defective or dangerous road they either designed or were responsible for maintaining. 

Allow a Proficient Personal Injury Attorney to Handle Your Case

Truck accident cases are known for their intricacies and challenges. When a victim suffers an injury after a truck accident, the truck driver, company, and/or insurance companies will work aggressively to ensure the victim receives the least amount of compensation as possible. For this reason, it is critically important to seek legal representation from an attorney who has experience dealing with belligerent parties. 

Attorney Justin H. King has successfully championed on behalf of thousands of victims who have suffered injuries and other losses at the hands of negligent parties. One of the most important priorities for Attorney King is to ensure his clients secure the fullest recovery possible. If you were injured in a truck accident, contact Attorney Justin H. King for a complimentary consultation

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