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Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Guru

Traumatic brain injury, (TBI), are injuries to the brain caused by open & closed head injuries, Hypoxia, stroke, concussion, tumors, medical malpractice and rapid deceleration. An injury to the brain can quickly lead to a coma or death. Victims of brain injuries have a long road to recovery even though recent medical innovations have made treatment more accessible. If you or a family member has a brain injury that was caused by the negligence or misconduct of another person it’s time to connect with an attorney Guru.

PersonalInjuryLaw.Guru is a database of TBI and spinal injury lawyers who have at least 10+ years of experience and focus their practice on helping people like you – people who’ve had a traumatic brain injury. You can spend coutless hours researching brain injury law firms yourself, but we’ve already done the leg work and assembled the attorneys with the right expertise near you. Invest 5-10 minutes of your time now to fill out our easy contact form so our Gurus have adequate information to provide you with a productive first consultation at NO CHARGE. Let us connect you to a traumatic brain injury attorney Guru.

Spinal Injury Lawyers

In addition to a brain injury, spinal injuries can lead to temporary or permanent paralysis and further damage to the central nervous system. Many spinal injuries occur due to car accidents, a severe impact or a fall usually affecting males ages 12 – 35. Spinal injuries are classified as either “complete” or “non complete”. A complete spinal cord injury usually means that the entire diameter of the spine is completely affected. This leaves the victim paralyzed beneath the damaged area of the spine. A non-complete spinal cord injury means that the entire diameter of the spine was not affected and there will be damage but not necessarily paralysis as a result. This varies widely from one person to the next dependent on countless situational variations. Talk to a Guru today to get your questions answered.

Common Causes of Brain & Spinal Injuries

  • Car Accidents
  • Bike & pedestrian accidents
  • High School and College football and other high impact sports
  • Impact to head, neck or back
  • Infections
  • Surgical errors

Contact a Guru Now

No matter what type of incident caused the brain or spinal injury, you shouldn’t trust the imperfect process of finding highly experienced personal injury lawyers to a search engine… you probably won’t get a comprehensive view about the attorneys that you find. Your case is worth the 5-10 minutes it will take to fill out our contact form and allow a brain & spinal injury Guru to call you for an initial case evaluation at no charge.

Don’t hire just any attorney, hire a Guru!©

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