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Premises Liability Attorney Gurus

If you or a family member was injured on private or public property you should speak to an experienced premises liability attorney who has the negotiation and litigation skills you need. Often times, these incidents happen at a friend or family member’s house which may cause you to think that there will be a family feud if you pursue legal action. The truth is that this is usually not the case. In these instances, a premises liability attorney is pursuing compensation from the insurance company, not the individual. The lawyer we connect you with will gather all the information from you directly and will create a strategy, based on their 10+ years of knowledge and experience, that will pursue maximum compensation for your injuries. Invest 5-10 minutes of your time now to fill out our easy contact form so our Gurus have enough information to provide you with an informative and productive first consultation. Let us connect you to a premises liability Guru absolutely FREE.

Slip & Fall Lawyers

Slip and fall accidents are the most common type of premises liability incident. Often times retail stores, restaurants and public spaces like malls and shopping centers have numerous obstacles that can cause a slip or trip. If a dangerous condition exists and there was no proper warning it’s not uncommon for an accident to occur. A serious fall can have detrimental consequences like head injuries, brain injury (TBI), broken bones or lacerations and other types of injuries.

Swimming Pool Accidents

If you or a family member was swimming at a public or private pool and were injured you’ll want an attorney with the expertise to help you get the maximum compensation owed. Often times a private pool may not have adequate security gates to protect children from swimming unattended, or public pools may have dangerous drains or conditions which cause an injury or drowning accident. It’s important to talk to a swimming pool accident lawyer who has handled these types of scenarios in the past and knows how to pursue them effectively.

Dog Bites

Dog bites can occur immediately and often times without warning. Sometimes it involves a friend or family member’s pet, but it can also be the problematic dog in the neighborhood that got loose. Serious injuries can occur due to a dog bite and it’s not always true that it’s a large breed dog like a Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher or German Shepherd… often it’s a small to medium size dog like a Collie, Chow or Australian Shepherd. Regardless of the size of the dog, an attack can cause serious injuries and psychological damage.

Contact a Guru Now

No matter what kind of premises liability incident you’ve been involved in, don’t trust the tedious and imperfect process of finding highly experienced personal injury attorneys to a search engine… you probably won’t get the full picture about the lawyer that you’ve found. Your case is worth the 5-10 minutes it will take to fill out our contact form and allow a Guru to call you for a free initial case evaluation.

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