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Defective Product Attorney Guru

When you purchase a product in the United States you expect that it’s safe to use and has undergone research and development to ensure it’s safety for consumers. Unfortunately that’s not always the case. Some products sold are known to be dangerous under certain circumstances, and some products were designed to be safe but were produced or manufactured incorrectly. If you or a family member believe you were injured due to poor product design or shoddy materials in the manufacturing process we can connect you to a product defect attorney guru.

PersonalInjuryLaw.Guru has assembled a database of defective product attorneys who have at least 10+ years of experience and focus their practice on helping people like you – people who’ve had a serious serious injury caused by a defect in the product design or through the use of cheap materials in production. You can literally spend hours researching injury attorneys yourself, but we’ve already done the leg work and found the lawyers with the right expertise in your area. Invest 5-10 minutes of your time now to fill out our easy contact form so our Gurus have adequate information to provide you with an informative and productive first consultation. Let us connect you to a product defect Guru absolutely FREE.

Defective Tools Lawyers

Tools can be dangerous to use under any circumstances, but if it was poorly designed or flawed that can increase the chance of injury exponentially. Tools can be sharp, twist, and can cause shrapnel to fly if something breaks. This often results in deep tissue lacerations, eye & face injuries, loss of sight and even amputation of fingers or limbs. If a tool is produced it has to meet a minimum safety requirement to be sold in the US, if it’s proven that the product was dangerous and sold anyway the manufacturer may be liable for damages.

Vehicle Design Flaws

You may have heard of the exploding gas tanks in the old Ford Pinto, or the more recent unintended acceleration cases in Toyota vehicles from 2010. Car makers aren’t immune to making mistakes in the design of their vehicles, and these flaws can cause significant damage because they can materialize while you’re driving 50, 60 or 70 mph. With the rise of autonomous driving cars, the opportunity for design errors is high. If your car has any type of design flaw or malfunction that has caused an injury, allow a defective product Guru to call you and discuss your case.

Dangerous Toys

Defective toys can hurt the most innocent of people, children can be quickly harmed if the toy they’re playing with malfunctions. Flaws in toy design or sloppy product assembly can lead to choking hazards or pinch points that hurt a young child. Children’s toys need to meet a standard of design and quality that can withstand the abuse and common usage of small kids. If your child was seriously injured by a toy talk to a Guru today and disucuss the possibility of holding the manufacturer or retailer responsible.

Inherently Dangerous Products

Some products are more dangerous than others simply because they exist. Often times injuries caused by these types of products involve an area of law called “failure to warn”. An example of this concept could include an heating gun that doesn’t have clear instructions on dangers and usage resulting in serious burns or a fire. If you or a family member were injured due to a manufacturer’s fail to properly communicate the dangers associated with using their product you should talk to a Guru today.

Contact a Guru Now

No matter what type of defective product caused your injury, don’t trust the imperfect and laborious process of finding highly skilled injury lawyers to a search engine… you probably won’t get the full picture about the attorneys that you find. Your case is worth the 5-10 minutes it will take to fill out our contact form and allow a defective product Guru to call you for an initial case evaluation at no charge.

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